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10 Fun Things To Do In Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulation role-playing video game that was first released in 2016. Since then, it has gained a huge cult following, with over 20 million copies sold. Fans love the relaxing gameplay, cute pixel art style, and quirky characters.

The game starts with your character inheriting a run-down farm in the fictional town of Stardew Valley. You can plant crops, raise animals, mine for resources, fish, forage, and interact with the local townspeople. While the main goal is to restore your grandfather’s old farm to its former glory, there is no time limit or end goal. Players are free to play at their own pace and choose what activities they want to focus on. This open-ended gameplay is part of what makes Stardew Valley so addictive. Even after hundreds of hours of playtime, there are still new things to experience and discover.

Raise A Dinosaur

Stardew Valley gamers might be surprised to discover Dinosaur Eggs. While it’s common knowledge that players can nurture various farm creatures, the possibility of hatching a diminutive dinosaur is surely unique. Players can do this if they stumble upon a dinosaur egg and place it inside an Incubator housed in a Big Coop. Although these eggs can potentially be found digging artifact sites or while fishing, the most straightforward method is to explore the Prehistoric Levels within the Skull Cavern.

For those who are new to fishing and want to increase their chances of finding a dinosaur egg, you might want to check out this Stardew Valley how to fish guide. With the right technique, you not only can catch a variety of fish but also have a better shot at acquiring rare items.

Upon fulfilling the requirements of the Vault bundles at the Community Center, the helpful Junimos restored the bus stop. This opens up access to The Calico Desert for the player. If a player has already gone to the deepest level of the mines and secured the Skull Key, they can access the Skull Cavern located in the desert. Past the sixth level, there’s an occasional chance that the player might encounter a Prehistoric Level. Here, either by defeating the Pepper Rex creatures or exploring the terrain, players stand a chance to discover their very own dinosaur egg.

Date and marry a villager

There are 12 unique bachelors and bachelorettes to get to know in Stardew Valley. A major benefit of dating and marrying one is that they will move onto your farm. This adds fun new cutscenes and dialogue as you interact with your spouse daily. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to decide who to marry!

Take time to talk to all the villagers before deciding. The early heart events let you preview their personalities. Consider what traits you want in a spouse, like interests, schedule, or desired gifts. Setting dating goals, like seeing all heart events or getting to know a type of villager you normally don’t, can add fun structure. Ultimately, who you marry is a matter of personal preference. Let the story and experiences guide you organically to your perfect Stardew match!

Design your farm

With so many options, designing your ideal farm can be overwhelming. Planning everything perfectly from day one isn’t realistic or fun. Instead, start small and expand over time. Focus on essentials like crops and buildings at first. Once your profits and resources increase, you can decorate more.

Experiment with layouts before committing. Use signs, chests, and flooring to plan where key elements will go. See what works functionally before finalizing. Customize as you go for a natural, personalized look. Don’t forget to enjoy the process! Decorating a little each day can be relaxing. Let your creativity flow and make a farm you love.

Craft artisan goods

Growing crops on your farm is fun, but turning those crops into artisan goods is even more satisfying. Items like wine, cheese, and pickles can be made using machines like kegs and preserves jars. This adds realism to your farmer roleplay, and the artisan goods sell for much higher prices.

Focus on growing crops that make valuable artisan goods like hops for pale ale. Plant extra crops in the greenhouse to ensure a steady supply. Check profit calculations to see which goods are most worthwhile. Set up sheds with lots of machines to mass produce goods. Automate the process with hoppers to save time. Turning all your hard-earned crops into artisan products will make your farming efforts more profitable and rewarding.

Befriend the townspeople

Pelican Town is full of interesting characters you can befriend. Talking to them and giving thoughtful gifts will raise their friendship levels. This unlocks unique cutscenes and story content as you get to know them better.

Make sure to talk to every villager regularly, even if you don’t plan to befriend them, to avoid seeming rude. Carry gifts in your inventory that appeal to multiple villagers to make gift-giving easy. Focus on one or two at a time if befriending everyone seems too overwhelming. Unlocking cutscenes and backstories through friendship provides depth beyond just farming.

Explore the Skull Cavern

The regular mines are just the beginning. After reaching the bottom, you can unlock the Skull Cavern in the desert. This challenging mine is filled with valuable ores, gems, artifacts, and other goodies. You’ll also encounter dangerous monsters, and the cavern has no elevator, so you start from level 1 each time.

Prepare before each attempt with food buffs and bombs for breaking rocks. Prioritize finding shafts and holes to drop down levels quickly. Use staircases as needed to skip infested or difficult levels. Try to reach milestone levels for achievements. Loot treasures as you go to profit from your mining trips. The Skull Cavern is a thrill for adventurous farmers.

Customize your appearance

Don’t settle for just one look throughout your whole Stardew Valley playthrough. You can buy hats, shirts, and accessories from stores or collect unique outfits from achievements. Change your hairstyle and color too!

Plan a new look each season to match the vibe. Dress up for events and festivals. Use clothing to enhance your roleplay. Go silly sometimes with fun hats and dinosaur onesies. Try sophisticated looks when meeting town members. Customizing your player’s appearance keeps the visuals novel and adds to the roleplaying experience.


Part of what makes Stardew Valley such an enjoyable and addictive game is that you can do so many different things. You can play at a relaxed pace and focus only on the parts you find most fun. Whether you love farming, fighting monsters, fishing, or romancing villagers, there’s something for everyone. After dozens or even hundreds of hours played, you’ll still be discovering new secrets and activities. Stardew Valley’s diverse gameplay makes it a game you can come back to again and again.

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