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10 Free Software Options That will Make Your Student Life Easier

Free Software For Students

It is an unwritten rule that everything in life must be paid for. At the very least, it fits within the law of conservation of energy: one has spent one’s own efforts to create something that pleases others, so one needs something to recompense it.

It is well-known that student life is not cheap. They have to pay for special training programs, campus housing, required (if new) textbooks, and many other necessities.

The “you have to pay for everything” rule makes an exception to help students in their educational lives at least a little bit. For example, with EssayService review, you will know where to turn for professional writing help with your assignment when there are too many of them.

Besides, student life will become much easier due to free software. But students still have to find them and be sure that they are really good.

This review offers a list of free software to consider and use in everyday student’s lives.  Each software has been tested in use before taking its rightful place.

1. Autodesk

Autodesk is not universal software, but it is free for students. It will be indispensable for those whose education is related to architecture, design, and construction. Autodesk offers many free applications as well as useful online courses. It is easy to get started: students just need to register and confirm that they are students.

In addition to the software, the student gets free access to webinars called “write my research paper” and other educational resources. It will help greatly with a particular branch of education.

2. Quizlet

The student can download Quizlet for free on their phone and computer. This app is included in the category “apps students need to prepare for exams.” Here a user can find many notes on a wide variety of subjects and topics. One only needs to register to access it, which opens the door to a great student community.

Every student can create their study cards and share useful materials with other users.

3. Open Office or Google Drive

Word is familiar and convenient, albeit a paid one. And it has a good free alternative. It is the Open Office package or the cloud service Google Drive. The functionality of these programs is somewhat similar. A student can write an essay or dissertation, draw tables and charts. The only difference: people can work with Google Drive when connected to the Internet and linked to Gmail.

4. Canva

Throughout their studies, students will receive more than one assignment focused on creating a variety of content. There are many good free apps for developing content creation skills. Canva is one of them. To be truly honest, Canva is not exactly free. It will cost $100 per year. But it has a lot of free features that make it possible to:

  • edit pictures
  • edit videos
  • create small presentations
  • create flyers
  • create timetables and what-to-do lists

Students can make their templates to use and save them. Canva can be installed on the phone and PC.

5. Prezi

While studying, students will not be able to avoid the need to make presentations. Usually, Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint is used first. But Microsoft Office is a paid package and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, many alternatives have appeared, among which Prezi can be called the best.

Initially, Prezi is cloud-based software, but on the site itself, a student can download Prezi Desktop for free. Thanks to this, people can create and edit presentations even without access to the Internet. The application itself is paid. The developers allow students to register a new profile every thirty days to continue using the free services.

6. Grammarly

It is known that a text can be flawless in content, but professors will not read it if the essay is rife with errors. Sometimes, some mistakes are mechanical. Sometimes, the student doesn’t notice mistakes because the eye is used to the written text.

Grammarly as a website and PC application will help correct such mistakes. It will also help to see if there has been accidental plagiarism or not.

Math book and Oxford DictionaryImage Source:

Grammarly, like several other educational apps, will replace heavy dictionaries and save a lot of time. Proven from personal experience, grammatical rules are memorized faster and better with suggestions from Grammarly.

7. CCleaner

Good education often depends on the speed of a laptop or computer. Keep in mind: over the years, a device accumulates unnecessary files and settings. They, in turn, take up space on the hard drive, slowing it down. Also, some programs begin to run slowly and work with delays. Students waste time and nerves to complete tasks.

CCleaner scans a device, removes unnecessary files, and fixes errors. Even the free version of this application will greatly improve the performance of your laptop or computer.

8. Avast Free Antivirus

While searching for a necessary information or free applications, a student runs the risk of encountering viruses that will infect their laptop or computer. To prevent this from happening, there are several free antiviruses.

Avast Free Antivirus is the most convenient and complex option. It is capable of detecting:

  • viruses
  • spyware
  • malware
  • Trojans
  • adware malware

Besides, Avast will scan the browser and email for spam and malicious emails. The only disadvantage of this antivirus is that it reduces the performance of a device while scanning it.

9. Zotero

Essays and research papers are not complete without sources. Students often have to cite passages and retain links to materials that may still be needed in the future.

If a student plans voluminous research work, then the Zotero program will be the best assistant. Here one can also save the necessary PDF files and citations with the indication of sources.

Zotero is convenient because one can organize data stored in it. Students can create libraries, use tags, and create search results.

10. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is a program that will become the best password manager in a student’s life. Besides, this program supports:

  • automatic form filling
  • credit card storage
  • secure note-taking

People can back up their data, identity documents, and any other important information.

LogMeOnce is equipped with a powerful security system. Thanks to this, students do not have to worry that third parties will gain access to confidential information.

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