10 Cool Gadgets That Make Us Feel Like We Are Living In The Future

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Technology keeps evolving, as it has for centuries; however, if you consider the last couple of decades, the pace of technological advancement has been quite fast. Every year, several amazing and futuristic gadgets are introduced in the market, which makes us feel like we are living in the future.

If we look at movies like “Back to the future,” humans have achieved almost everything shown, a lot more. Though we don’t have mainstream flying cars, don’t let that hold you down, because they are quite impractical anyway.

Though most gadgets like the latest smartphones are popular, some really cool gadgets and technologies stay unheard of; therefore, today, I will tell you about ten incredible and futuristic gadgets that will make you feel like you are living in the future.

The Kohler Konnect Sensate Smart Kitchen Sink Faucet

Though some modern gadgets like this smart kitchen sink might not be as glamorous as a self-driving car, or a flagship smartphone, these are the gadgets that bring innovative changes in your daily life.

For instance, the kitchen is one of the most commonly used places in the house, and you have to open the kitchen faucet hundreds of times, sometimes even in a single day.  However, if you use the Kohler Konnect Sensate Smart Kitchen Sink Faucet, you can make the kitchen futuristic, efficient, and easier to use.

This faucet also has voice control, which allows you to open and close the faucet easily. Moreover, you can ask the faucet to dispense an exact amount of water. For instance, if you are filling a 500ml water bottle, you can ask the faucet to dispense that exact amount.

This faucet also helps you save a lot of water when you are washing dishes, and the removable head allows you to wash dishes more easily. In general, it can make your kitchen experience a lot more enjoyable.

The Narwal Self-Cleaning Robot Mop & Vacuum

Like the previous gadget, this one isn’t too glamorous either, but its functionality makes it very impressive. The Narwal Self-Cleaning Robot Mop and Vacuum makes maintaining the house and cleaning the floors very easy.

It isn’t just a robot vacuum cleaner, but a mop as well, which means that it won’t only clean the dust, but go a step further and scrub your floors as well. Furthermore, you don’t need to recharge or clean the device regularly, either.

When it runs low on battery, the robot automatically returns to its charging station and cleans itself as well. This incredible gadget can take the trouble out of cleaning your home and make sure that your floors stay clean.


Though hover boards that actually fly slightly above the ground do exist, they are quite limited and exclusive. Therefore, today we are talking about the more commonly known hoverboards that are available in the market.

These hoverboards may have wheels, but the self-balancing technology does make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud of air.

There are loads of amazing hoverboards available in the market. You can get hoverboards for kids or adults. However, you might want to go for a smaller hoverboard that doesn’t go too fast for your kid.

Still, this is the way to play immersive games in the future.

The Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror

You may have seen people tapping away to their computerized mirrors in sci-fi movies. However, that tech already exists in the form of the Ayi AI-powered smart mirror.

This amazing mirror can be installed on your bathroom wall, or anywhere else, and it allows you to streamline your morning routine and make it super-efficient. The mirror uses AI to detect keywords, and it can help you keep up with your daily schedule.

It can understand voice commands and communicate with other home automation devices in your home as well. You can use voice commands to change the thermostat’s temperature, turn lights on and off, and check on the news of the day as well.

The mirror also uses machine learning to give you useful insights into your health. It has an amazing Samsung HD display and a 64 GB SSD drive. Combined with the 16 GB of RAM, this mirror is an absolute computing powerhouse, and it can make your day to day routine feel futuristic.

The NordicTrack X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill

For a healthy life, it is important to be active for a short while every day. However, sometimes it can be a little difficult to get to the gym, so why not bring the gym home, at least for cardio and fitness exercises.

Check out the amazing NordicTrack X32i Smart Treadmill. This incredible treadmill has a lot of amazing features that can be controlled through the 32 inch HD touchscreen on the treadmill. This treadmill can give you the illusion of running anywhere in the world; if you want to go for a run by the beach, the HD screen can show that or even go for a run on a chosen google maps route.

The machine has more than 16000 workouts presets that you can choose from. It has a very sleek and sturdy design, and the screen can also give you important insights like your heart rate, the distance you have covered, and how much calories you have burned.

Amazon Echo Frames

If you are a fan of SciFi movies, you have probably seen futuristic glasses in a film, glasses that people can use to make calls, and receive real-time notifications in front of their eyes.

Those gadgets aren’t only found in movies; in fact, the Amazon Echo Frames are amazing eyeglasses with several smart features. Firstly, these frames can access Alexa, so you can ask Alexa questions, use voice commands to make calls, listen to music, or maybe add something to your to-do list.

You can also receive notifications on the frames, and the discrete directional speakers and microphones make it so that no one else can listen to your calls or music other than you.

Apart from being quite useful, these frames are a really cool tech piece that will definitely make you feel like you are in the future.

The Rocketbook smart notebook

Taking notes is not considered as futuristic, but you can make it feel so if you use the amazing Rocketbook. This smart notebook allows you to take as many notes as you want for the rest of your life, and since everything is uploaded onto the cloud, you can access these notes anywhere you want whenever you want.

Moreover, the Rocketbook is impeccably designed, and the accompanying app allows you to send all of your handwritten notes on the cloud. After that, you just have to use a wet tissue paper to whip the pages clean, and you can go on writing.

Therefore, if you want a futuristic gadget that you can use in your classes, the Rocketbook is the perfect option.

The Hi-Interiors HiBed Canopy Smart Bed

Moving on with the trend of replacing everyday use items with smart gadgets, check out the incredible Hi-Interiors HiBed Canopy Smart Bed. This bed is perfect for a futuristic home, and it has several amazing features.

This bed is much more than a place to sleep; in fact, it comes with a built-in TV. Well, it is a professor to be more accurate, but the quality is incredible. Moreover, the projector is android enabled so you can use it like any other smart TV. You can watch Netflix or even scroll through social media on this amazing display at the foot of your bed.

Pair this bed with a smart mattress, and you have the ultimate futuristic sleeping setup.

The Urbie Air

If you are concerned about the quality of your home, this device is perfect for you. The Urbie Air is an air purifier, which also doubles as a self-watering plant pot. You can grow any plant of your choice in the pot, and it will be watered automatically,

The plant will make the air in your home better; the pot will do an even better job. It can detect unhealthy levels of humidity and remove it. Moreover, the sensors can give you practical insights into your home’s air quality, allowing you to make effective changes.

The accompanying app allows you to keep an eye on your plant and your home’s air quality, which acts as a hub for the gathered information.

Netgear Meural Canvas II Digital Frame

Modern homes have artwork, but if you want your home to be futuristic, then old paintings aren’t going to cut it. You should check out the innovative Netgear Meural Canvas II. It is a smart painting frame, which can turn into any artwork you want and somehow inspires you.

Canvas II gives you more than 30000 artworks, but you can use it to display your own photos and designs as well. Moreover, you can create a schedule for the images to change as you want.

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