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10 Common Heavy Equipments Used in Mining

Heaving equipment used in mining

Mining plays a key role in today’s global economy.

Heavy equipment has evolved and improved over the years which has also made mining more efficient.

The goal of the miner is to extract valuable metals from the earth as quickly, cheaply, and safely as possible. Mining methods have evolved over time so that they can accomplish this goal even better than before.  Choosing bobcat and tipper to get the job done is a decision you will be more than happy about come completion.

With that said, here are some of the most common pieces of the heavy equipment you will find at any mining site:

1. Scrapers

Scrapers are used in mining to extract raw materials from the earth’s surface. They are also used for sorting and grading mined materials. Scrapers are usually mounted on a vehicle or tractor and are used to pull material from stockpiles or to push the material into stockpiles.

A scraper is a machine that helps to sort, grade, and move earth materials such as coal, gravel, rock, etc., as well as other refuse. The scraper is mounted on a vehicle such as a tractor or truck and used to pull material from stockpiles or push it into one.[2].  If you searching for heavy machinery repair service, find out the best equipment repair service at full noise maintenance.

2. Excavators

An excavator is one of the most important tools an operator will have to use on a day-to-day basis in the mining industry – they use it to dig out materials from inside mines and also move them into trucks that will take them back up to the surface.

3. Shovels

A shovel is the most iconic mining tool, it is essential for moving material around in the mine. This equipment can be used for excavating and loading loose material into trucks, or to surface material onto a trommel or conveyor belt.

4. Dozers

Dozers are used in mining to remove the excess dirt and debris from the top of a mine.

The dozer blade is on the ground and pushes rocks, earth, and other materials out of the way so that they can be moved downstream or dumped. The dozer blade is usually part of an assembly called a dragline which consists of a boom (a long pole) with one or two swinging arms that have buckets on them on either end.

5. Backhoes

A backhoe is a device used in mining to perform excavation work.

A backhoe can be used to create holes for the placement of dynamite, break up large rocks, or move dirt and rock. The operator of a backhoe is typically required to move slowly and steadily in order not to cause an accident.

The operator must also have knowledge of the surrounding area as well as the position of all people in that area.

6. Loaders

A loader is a machine that is used to move the ore and other materials around. It can be operated by a person or controlled by an operator from a distance.

A loader is an essential piece of equipment when mining. It allows miners to get the mined material out of the mine, onto trucks and trains, and into processing plants for further processing, like washing and milling for metal ores.

7. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are heavy-duty vehicles that transport ore and materials from quarries or mines to nearby conveyor belts or processing plants. They also serve as a storage vehicle for large quantities of material waiting for transportation.

8. Skidders

A Skidder is a machine used in mining to move large quantities of material.

The function of a skidder in mining is to move large quantities of material. The machine can be also used as an ore-picking device that removes pieces from the top layer of the vein and dumps them onto a conveyor belt.

9. Track-Type Loaders

Track-Type Loaders are specialized machines that are used in mining to move the ore or other material which is being mined, onto a conveyor line.

The main function of Track-Type Loaders is to load the ore into wagons or trucks for transportation. They use electric motors and hydraulics for power and movement respectively. The process of loading the ore onto the conveyor belt or truck can be done with a variety of equipment, depending on what type of loader is being used.

Track-type loaders are usually self-propelled machines that can be moved by either joystick or track wheels.

10. Cranes

Cranes are devices used for lifting, moving, or placing objects, usually, large objects that cannot be handled manually, such as construction equipment (e.g., tractors) or irregularly shaped bulk material. You can consider Boss Crane for all types of rental crane services.

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