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10 Blogging Investments Worth Making For New Bloggers

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As a new blogger, you must make certain sacrifices and investments. Blogging today is no more a hobby but a pure business that needs to be taken seriously. 

Blogging can be an additional source of income but to earn from it, you must be patient and invest some tangible sum of money. Investing money is quite different from spending money, so you must be smart in utilizing your funds. For more guidance, check this page.

Why do you need to make a blog investment? 

  • You need to invest in your blog to avoid tragic technical problems as they are most likely to cost you more money and time to repair. It would also give you more control over your blog. 
  • It will also help in boosting your productivity giving you more features to bank on. It will also save you more time and money. And also it would make you more willing to work hard on your blog because you are spending on it. 
  • It will also drive more traffic to your blog as writing, posting when no one is interested or few readers visit your blog daily will be daunting and frustrating.
  • Lastly, if you treat your blog as a business, it will surely pay you at the end of the day. Treating as a business involves investing money, time, and good strategies to ensure productive growth. 

Below is the necessary blogging investment you must make as a new blogger. 


This is one of the most important investments you must make. As you will find out you need to spend more time learning and creating good content, promotion and networking with other bloggers to grow your blog.

Commitment and staying motivated are essential as only this will ensure you stay true to yourself. You must be disciplined to find time to work on your blog, learning new things continually about blogging that will help increase your productivity which will, in turn, makes you more money. 

Custom Domain 

To make your blog looks more professional, you should have a custom domain. If you are looking to create brand awareness of your blog, it is a great disservice to have .blogspot or as your blog address.

Also, you will have your domain web hosted with a unique domain name.  This will allow you to own a custom email address to your brand, create more awareness through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 


To have greater control over how you monetize your blog in the future, it is expedient you invest in self-hosting your blog. Using a free service from and WordPress will limit how you can customize the outlook and functionality of your blog.  

Self-hosting will make your blog look more professional, wouldn’t lag down due to too much traffic, and also protects your blog from an indiscriminate shut down. 

Domain Privacy and Security 

One of the features of self-hosting is domain privacy and security. This will prevent your personal information from being shared with marketers or accessed by hackers and spammers. 

Unique Design 

Your blog design must reflect the niche you are into. It is expedient that your blog design is clean, clear, and quite easy to navigate. You can hire a website designer to create a unique design just for you. 

Premium Theme 

You can make use of a free theme for your blog but if you have the money and want something unique to you, you can invest in Premium Theme. A free theme will limit your customization and may make your blog looks unprofessional.


Logo designing is next in line as this will give you the necessary branding and the professional outlook your blog need. Branding, graphics, and logo design will make your blog easily identifiable with you and stands out from the rest. The cost of branding depends on your focus, skills, and budget. You can design if you have the basic designing knowledge or you hire a cheap but quality designer on Fiverr and Upwork. 

Social Media Automation 

As a blogger, it is not easy to manage a blog even as a full-time blogger. While hiring a social media assistant will cost you a lot, you can bank on many social media tools out there to fully make your blog get known and seen by your audience. This will allow you to schedule your social media post without having to share or post by yourself most of the time. It will also ensure your social media accounts are kept active. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a new blog, you should make sure your blog appears and rank higher when certain keywords are entered into search engines. You have two options SEO, On-Page, and Off-Page. Both are important, but as a starter, On-page SEO is a must. 

Blogging Education 

Investing in necessary blogging materials will ensure your blog stay in the loop. There are tons of information and education resources on SEO, keyword research, social media, marketing online and out there to help your blog grow. 

Blogging education can be e-courses, books, e-books full of actionable information to help you as a blogger. 

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