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10 Best Tips of Writing a Recommendation Letter

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Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is written in reference to another person to recommend the other person for a particular job, admission or scholarship. This letter is usually written by an individual or the organization, which has the power to make a recommendation for some other person.

In the letter of recommendation, the writer of the letter basically assesses the characteristics, quality or the skills of the concerned person in a manner that the person can be regarded as the competent one for the particular job or admission.

The letters of recommendation are very popular and are commonly used to make the recommendation for a particular individual in the context of employment, admission into higher institutions or for the scholarship eligibility. If you are seeking a free calendar guide of the recommendation letter, which can help you in drafting the letter in an effective manner then you are at the correct place.

Here in this article, we are basically going to discuss the top 10 tips in the form of a free printable template, which will help you in writing this letter of recommendation very easily. We urge you to keep all these tips in your consideration and you can also have access to more available samples of such calendar templates, in order to make the letter highly effective.

1. Provide Information About Yourself To The Authorities Or The Selection Committee

Yes, before writing any kind of recommendation for any person you must provide information about you. Mention your designation, so that the recipient can understand your qualification to make the recommendation.

2. Obtain The Information About The Candidate 

Now you need complete information about the person for whom you are going to make the recommendation and for that purpose, you can ask for the CV or the resume of the candidates. It will help you in drafting the perfect recommendation letter for the candidate.

3. Provide Unique Information About The Candidate 

In your recommendation letter, you have to make sure that you provide unique information about the recommended candidate. This information must be of that nature which the selection committee can’t get from the normal application of the candidate and it should make sense in the consideration of the admission or other purposes.

4. Talk About Your Interaction With The Candidates 

This is the first and foremost aspect of the recommendation letter and it must appear that the recommendation letter can be regarded on the serious notes by the authorities. You must specify it in a clear way what is your relationship with the candidate is and how you got to know the person so well that you are making the recommendation for the person.

5. Answer The Specific Questions Asked In The Application 

There would be some questions which must be answered in the recommendation letter by the person who is making the recommendation. Make sure that you answer all of those questions in a manner that is satisfying to the authorities.

6. Prove The Worth Or Potential Of The Candidate In A Story

Well, yes for the better understanding of the selection committee you can narrate a short brief story about the candidate which proves the worth of the candidate and can justify the fact of being competent for the particular purpose. It will surely leave a very decent impact on the selection of the prospective candidate.

7. Have Enough Information About The Organization

You should have enough information about the organization for which you are going to recommend the particular candidate. Having full information about the organization will enable you to make your recommendation in the best possible light and in an effective manner.

8. Be Honest And Neutral In The Letter

Yes, you must be honest in the letter of recommendation and should draft it as an independent person. You can even mention some negative points about the candidate in the letter to prove your independence but make sure it should be in a constructive manner.

9. Provide The Work Experience And The Eligibility Facts Of The Candidate 

If the letter of recommendation is being addressed for someone purely for employment then here you can provide the experience and narrate the other eligibility aspects of the candidate. This will help the selection committee to analyse the candidate. You can attach testimonials and other professional documents related to the candidates to justify this aspect.

10. Close The Letter With The Ultimate Conclusion 

This is the last part of the letter and you must draft this part concluding the facts of how the candidate is going to be the best candidate for the purpose of job, admission, scholarship eligibility, or whatever the case may be.

You just need to end the letter with your personal positive opinion about the candidate and address it to the authorities or the selection committee. 

These are some of the major points which should be kept in consideration by the writer of the recommendation letter. If you are looking for someone’s help from a professional letter writing service, please visit this site:

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