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10 Best Technology Degrees to Pursue in 2020

Best Technology Degrees, Cloud Computing Degree, Cybersecurity Degree, Machine Learning Degree, Game Design Degree 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in computer and information technology will be 12% by 2028, which is an additional 546,200 jobs. This increase is more rapid than most other occupations. The demand is emanating from the growing trends in big data, information security, and cloud computing. 

The technology boom is gaining momentum in recent years. If there’s an opportune moment to get your technology degree, it is now. The entry points in a tech career are limitless. 

You can start by choosing one of the technology degrees that’s within your area of interest. Here are some of the best 6 types of IT degrees to consider. 

1. Cloud Computing Degree

Cloud computing degrees are gaining prominence, especially in community colleges. Cloud computing is part of the larger school of computer science. With this degree, graduates can land their dream jobs within a year of graduating. 

A cloud computing course mostly covers networking, distributed systems, and clouds. The course is quite hands-on, and learners get to understand more about AWS services. The growth of cloud computing jobs is one of the most promising aspects when pursuing this degree. 

Some cloud computing skills in high demand include AWS, Linux, Java, DevOps, and software development. With these skills, you can work in big companies like Netflix and Intuit. 

The media salary for cloud computing experts is $146,350.

2. Cybersecurity Degree

A bachelor’s in cybersecurity is timely. The increasing reliance on technology has led to concerns regarding information technology security. This degree will increase your knowledge base on the latest trends besides imparting you with skills such as software development and coding. 

People pursuing cybersecurity most likely get jobs in government entities or multinationals. However, you can decide to pursue careers such as software and app development. Those with diplomas in this area can drop their academic papers to relevant tech organizations for employment considerations. 

The average annual wages for cybersecurity key positions is $100,000. The job growth is highly promising, and a graduate wouldn’t miss an entry-level opportunity. If you’ve been at crossroads on the best tech degrees, cybersecurity is one of the options to consider. 

3. Information Systems Degree

An information system degree is a great place to start your career in IT. The degree exposes you to a range of extant technologies that will help you address several business issues. The necessary skills within this course relate to operating systems, troubleshooting, hardware, and software.

You will further learn more about computing and networking. With a degree in information systems, the job options range from application analyst to data scientist, among other careers. Many organizations require IT design, management, and implication, which will make your skills highly invaluable.

With the employers being mostly government agencies or well established private companies, the salary is ever competitive. Therefore, investing in an information systems degree is worthwhile.

4. Software Engineering Degree

Software engineering is one of the technology degrees topping most IT colleges. With the field of software engineering expanding in recent years, the increasing popularity of this degree isn’t surprising. Taking this specialty as your major will most likely expose you to classes in the development of database systems, cloud technology, computer concepts, and programming.

The skills you learn in software engineering apply to most tech jobs. As such, you can work in different organizations and positions. Most individuals pursuing software engineering hope to specialize in applications or systems. 

Software engineers have a median annual salary of $105,590. Engineers working with systems have a higher remuneration than those dealing with applications. Yet, a career in either will guarantee you of steady career growth within the next decade. 

5. Machine Learning Degree

A 2018 survey established that about 49% of organizations were considering the adoption of machine learning for their businesses. 

Most of the polled organizations cited lack of a skilled workforce as the primary challenge in embracing ML. Taking a machine learning degree almost guarantees you a job as soon as you graduate due to the shortage of skilled workers. 

Machine learning is an exciting and innovative field that will disrupt most industries in the coming years. It is a valuable skill that will set your tech career thriving. Some of the thrilling technologies you’ll come across in ML include predictive analysis, self-driving cars, and chatbots, among others.

A degree in machine learning can position you for a job in industries such as finance and healthcare. Therefore, the possibilities when you undertake this course are endless. You will further have the advantage of choosing the role that is consistent with your interests and personality. 

In LinkedIn, the number of listed ML positions go to show the unlimited opportunities within this sector. A machine learning engineer has an average salary of about $138,000. A career in machine learning will be your avenue to financial growth and multiple growth opportunities. 

6. Game Design Degree 

A major in game design is a new entry in colleges. This course is one of the technology degrees gaining popularity as the gaming industry continues to grow. A bachelor’s in-game design will give you the basics of video game creation.

Students will further learn to create applications. The degree helps students to brush up their software development and coding skills. If you’re creative and passionate about games and coding, this is an ideal degree. 

Most job openings for game design majors are in a video game studio. You can also work in several technologies or IT companies. Game design graduates can work as system analysts or app developers. 

Technology Degrees Are Gaining Center-Stage in 2020

If you are enthusiastic about tech, you have limitless directions to take. There are multiple colleges offering technology degrees. Majoring in one of the degrees allows you to work in several industries.

It is crucial to pursue a career based on your passion. The technical courses can prove difficult at some levels. You need to be enthusiastic and aggressive enough to learn all that entails to your chosen path.

Ultimately, your career will pay off. The potential growth in this career should be enough motivation to take a course in technology. 

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