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10 Best Offline Racing Games for Android 2019

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Racing/ Driving games are among the most popular in all mobile gaming. So if you have a passion for these games, then, this article is completely based on offline mode to play offline racing games for android. 

This article can reveal to you about the top-notch trending racing games of the year 2019, pick the best one out and enjoy!

We are jotting down the list of free offline racing games for Android. Have a glance at these fantastic games of the current year 2019.

Know All About The Offline 10 Best Android Racing Games 2019:

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne

It’s one of the best driving games, recently trending on Google Play. Asphalt 8 Airborne from the Asphalt series is one of the best racing games for Android and is currently available to play offline.

You can drive in some of the most passionate, exciting, and most high-performance desire engines that are created from bikes to cars.

You can enjoy the challenging world filled with excitement and fun on your road. Enjoy the exotic new locations, get a piece of music to rev your soul, control customization, and much more.

The gaming life is enhanced with its never-ending levels and HD graphics of gameplay.

You can drive and select the most beautiful bikes and cars of your choice and set records. Moreover, the best part of this trending series is that it’s available in offline mode.

2. Asphalt Xtreme

No Road. No Rules!

Yes, this epic free racing game is an off-road racer by Gameloft. It does not follow any rules. It just offers a variety of wheels to drive.

The game comprises of tons of off-road paths, starting from canyons to sandhills.

You can confront an ultimate racing experience by drifting and climbing across dirt and mountains respectively.

This other trending racing game offers over 400 career events, 500 mastery challenges, online multiplayer racing, and limited time slots to keep things arousing. Since it’s a free game, you have the option to regulate your sights accordingly.

3. Drag Racing

Drag Racing game has been in the market for too long and is still one of the most immeasurable Android car games.

It is a well-known nitro-fueled racing game highly trending on Google Play for Android users. Users can upgrade and customize their vehicles as they require.

Also, there is a competing multiplayer mode in this racing game, where users can pick from tons of licensed cars for unlocking.

4. GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2- The real card experience is not an offensive game as compared to other driving games available for free in the market. It’s not as popular as the Asphalt series.

It is designed to offer an unprecedented level of driving satisfaction, whether playing multiplayer or solo.

You can select from a variety of upgrades to magnify the performance of your car. The game also allows you to play online against other opponents.

Also, you can experience the action from different angles and customize your car with available paints, rims, and vinyl.

You can now experience and enjoy the solo or multiplayer ride by downloading it on your Android device.

5. CSR Racing 2

Unquestionably, CSR Racing 2 is one of the most enjoyable racing games for Android, which is currently available on the Play Store to play offline.

It offers a fantastic campaign mode, where you can purchase and customize your cars as per your requirement, add upgrades, and begin a race.

CSR Racing 2 is equipped with 3D graphics and is a free game.

Downloading this game can restore legendary cars. It provides you next-generation customization. You can compete in crew battles to win the race. Moreover, you can experience real-time racing.

6. Racing Fever

Racing Fever is among the top 10 offline racing games and is all about exploring different themes like a village, desert, or snowy. Also earning maximum coins and taking risks is a part of this game.

The game can persist if you only keep your wheels always in the mid of the road.

With no forbidden rules, this game also offers an online multiplayer mode. Amazing!

Users can experience an ultimate multiplayer race, high-quality graphics, high-speed driving, slow motion mode, multiple camera angles, and four kinds of environment, with leaderboards while racing.

7. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is another best offline racing game available today. 

Players can upgrade and customize their vehicles to play in online multiplayer mode.

It offers a plain premise control that is suitable for kids to play.

You can explore by racing in various environments like Dirt, Asphalt, Snow, and much more.

Hill Climb Racing 2 (Freemium game), allows you to pick from the types of the car including tanks, sports cars, super jeep, and formula cars.

You can kill time racing with these awesome cars like Dune buggy, motocross and 17 more. Challenge your friends and top their records, by downloading this fantastic racing game 2019.

8. Clash For Speed

It’s a must-play racing game among all the driving games 2019. It’s not just about winning a brutal car battle race.

You can also create and design your 3D tracks using track builders to endure the 3D effect during car racing.

This game is all about your track, your rules. With Clash for speed, you can get yourself all charged up to the experience of 3D.

Moreover, you can also tour the in-game self-parking to unlock and choose weapons, new cars, and upgrades for engines, turbochargers, wheels, and shields to make your car invulnerable to enemy attacks.

To experience these new combat racing game features for your Android device.

9. Horizon Race

Horizon race is one of the best Android racing games available in the market, offers a variety of retro-inspired graphics, cars to tons of tracks, different levels to unlock.

The best part that this game reveals is that it supports NVIDIA Shield, Android TV, and it fits with most of the game controllers.

Moreover, it provides a freemium version that can be played in both modes i.e., demo and online multiplayer mode.

10. Poly Drive

If you are finding a lightweight combat racing game for Android, then Ploy Drive is one of them.

You must play a Poly drive game. It’s an unlimited offline racing game. On your way, you can get credited with NOS boosters, colorful and vivid environments, or various weaponry. As you can grow and earn coins, you can able to upgrade the vehicle and can even modify your vehicle from time to time.


So, this was the list of 10 Best Offline Racing Games for Android 2019. You can enjoy these offline game by saving data battery and keep yourself more entertained.

Please do mention your favorite racing game that we might have forgot to mention on our list. If any! Do let us know in the comments section below!

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